Air Fryer Cookbook: The Top 700 Quick and Easy Recipes For Healthy Oil Free Living (The Air Fryer Series)

Written by Luca Moretti

Create that Crunchy Texture and Intense Deep-Fried flavor in less than 15 Minutes without Oil!

Join the Air Fryer Revolution…

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With an Easy Press-and-Go Operation, Rapid Cooking times and a Massive Reduction in Oil Use what’s not to love about this amazing kitchen appliance?

What’s even better is there is practically no taste and texture difference to deep-fried foods and air-fried foods, making it the ultimate healthy alternative…

Over 700 easy-to-follow, delectable Air Fryer recipes make this one-of-a-kind cookbook the only one you will ever need on the subject!

A one-stop shop to the Air Frying way of life,

The Air Fryer Cookbook shows you how to prepare your favorite crispy, golden brown meals in a fraction of the time with practically NO UNHEALTHY OILS!

The Air Fryer Cookbook offers:

  • Over 700 mouthwatering recipes
  • Intuitively categorized
  • Air Fryer Cheatsheet
  • How to Get the Most out of your Air Fryer
  • Best Model to Fit your Needs
  • Practical tools, tips and guidelines for easy cooking

The Clickable Table of contents making it easy to find your favorite dish

Sneak Preview of a few of the delicious Recipes:

  • Korean Chicken Satay
  • Chili Chicken Wings
  • Sweet Potato Fritters
  • Meatballs and Creamy Potatoes
  • Banana Flapjacks
  • Chicken Burritos

The Air Fryer Cookbook your A-Z guide for all things Air Fryer


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