Air Assault School: Walking in Her Boots

Written by Jackie Dickens Walker


Are You Still Amazed That Many Question What Women Can Do Today?

Are You Curious To Know What Convinced The Military To Allow Women In Combat Roles?

If so, “AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL: Walking In Her Boots” by Jackie Dickens Walker is THE book for you!

This heroic story takes you back to the world of 1982, when President Reagan was in office and the best selling album of all time, Thriller, was released. Just a few years prior, the military allowed women in more jobs that were previously reserved as ‘Male Only’. Even with the inclusion of women in more parts of the military, it was still a ‘Boys Club’ and women felt very unwelcomed.

Meet Jackie, who grew up in a small town in Maine. She was an outdoor girl who loved to get her hands dirty. For her, the Army was a natural fit, and felt more like an adventure than anything else.

Jackie went into Intelligence, reviewing aerial photographs to determine enemy movement. She excelled at her job, and was noted for her ability to learn things quickly. She strived to be the best, and she proven herself to be so many times over. When she heard about AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL, one of the hardest trainings in the Army, she knew she had to do it.

Why Should You Buy This?

Jackie may not have been the first female to attend AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL, but she was but a handful who had attended at that point in time. In fact, she was the only female at the school when she attened, and despite the challenges, she stuck with it.

This is a school that most can’t do, and many will drop out. There were many naysayers, others who had tried and failed, telling Jackie that she couldn’t do it, primarily because she was a woman. Jackie didn’t understand what that meant, she only understood that it was something she wanted, and she did her best to make it happen.

What started as a 12-Mile run in under 3 hours, soon became a journey in facing her fears, from walking down vertically from an 80 ft. tower to jumping out of a helicopter with a rope being your only mean of safety. AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL is not for the fearless, but those brave enough to take on their fears, and many are unable to do that.

AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL takes us in the boots of Jackie as she proves as far back as 1982, that she could run with the best of them, that she could do what a man could do, and deserves our respect. Jackie helped set the stage for later generations of women to serve in combat roles, that women could be a great asset to any mission. This book gives you that journey.

This book is for the true patriot in all of us, that know that service to our country is not determined by what gender we were born as, but the conviction in our hearts and minds.

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And support the women who serve our country.


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