Again! Again! (Fox River Romance Book 1)

Written by Zach Jenkins

Levi Hamilton can’t do a relationship right now. The hotel hookup he stumbled into was fun, but back home, things are complicated. He’s just been surprised with custody of the five-year-old son he’s never met. Fighting fires at work and tantrums at home doesn’t leave time for dating.

And if he can’t shake a certain someone from his system? Good thing the one-night stand that rocked his world happened out of town. After all, what are the chances he’ll ever run into Inigo again?

Other than figuring out how to keep his business afloat, Inigo Triggs has a pretty sweet life: partying with friends on his roller derby team, plenty of concerts for mosh pits, and easy hookups. Maybe it’s getting a little monotonous, but it’s not like he’s ready to settle down… especially not with a guy whose phone number he didn’t even get.

A man who doesn’t even live in the same city.

A man who Inigo’s got to stop thinking about, because there’s just no way he’ll ever see Levi again… is there?

Again! Again! is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with no cliffhangers.


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