Adventure Travel – 16 stories from a world traveller hoping to provide little inspiration for your next travel adventure

Written by Ian Usher

When Ian Usher put his “life” up for sale on eBay in 2008, he had no idea where life’s adventure was going to take him next.

Asked many times in interviews, “What will you do once you have sold your life?”, his usual glib response was, “Anything I like, really!”

But what did he really want to do next? After some frantic list writing, and last-minute planning, a two-year adventure developed – a list of 100 lifetime goals, and a challenging timeline of 100 weeks!

This book details a few of the more adrenaline-fuelled and adventurous activities found along the way. The amazing adventures chronicled here include:-

Bungee jump #1
Hawk flying
Jet boat
Horse riding
Dog sledding
Captain Zodiac
Outback 4WD
Ayers Rock/Uluru
Cheese rolling
Wall of Death
Running with the bulls at Pamplona

The book also includes photos, and links to videos of many of the adventures too.

Who could fail to be inspired to get out there and experience some of the adventure that the world has to offer?


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