Acting Performance: the art of sharpening your talent: 1-24 effective acting exercises to perform (Acting performance, Training handbook)

Written by Mikhail Wageh

“The highest point of our art is reached when we are burning inside and command complete outer ease at the same time.” Michael Chekhov

Mastering your performance

Acting as a performing art combines these two parts of the profession: the inner and the outer parts. While you are preparing your character, you feed and use both sides. Actors who perform using only the inner part show formless performance, while those with only body, expressions, and voice skills appear to be more skillful than artistic.

Our goal is to perfect both sides, and show the skillful artistic performance. That’s why you need this book..

Acting Performance: the art of sharpening your talent

Is a step by step training handbook that guides you as a performer to master both sides from the very first step further to a point that allows you to act like professionals. It’s very helpful and suitable for the start-up actors to discover the exact way to do this.

The book is built like steps, so go through its right order, practice well on every exercise (not just doing it) then proceed to the next one. The objective section will provide you with the very basic theory of the element we are learning now and connecting it to what you’ve learned.
THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR READING, it’s for practicing.
It isn’t some sort of magic, it’s a guide that accumulates knowledge and experience on your side, to take your step rightfully and comfortably to your career building.

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