Accord of Honor (Accord Series Book 1)

Written by Kevin O. McLaughlin
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Twenty peaceful years have passed since the Lunar Accords were signed, banning all nations or individuals from arming space ships for war – on pain of death for anyone who dares defy the order. But someone has at last broken that law. Ships of unknown origin are attacking freighters and kidnapping their crews, threatening the delicate peace between nations and worlds.

One man saw the danger, all those years ago – Admiral Nicholas Stein, hero and villain of the last war. He argued against the Accord and was ridiculed for it. He retreated to Mars, and has spent the last decades preparing for a conflict he’s always known would be inevitable.

Now he and his son Thomas are all that stands between humanity and a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to control space – and from there, enslave us all.

Book Two: Accord of Mars is available now!
Book Three: Accord of Valor – coming April 2017!
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