A Temporary Ghost (The Georgia Lee Maxwell Series, Series 2)

Written by Michaela Thompson
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

a bright and funny lady with a breezy narrative voice.” —Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
“Witty, thoroughly enjoyable crime novel.” –Jewish Gazette
In journalist Georgia Lee Maxwell’s second adventure, she leaves her new home in Paris for Provence, where she’s been offered a lucrative ghost-writing job. But her co-author, suspected murderess Vivien Howard, the widow of a wealthy New York financier, seems strangely uninterested in writing her memoir Vivian was widely believed to have murdered her husband but was never charged with the crime, and now she promises to tell all.

Amid the beauties of Provence, settled in, a charming renovated farmhouse, Georgia Lee finds a household full of ill-feeling, not to mention suspicious characters — Vivien’s handsome artist lover, Ross; her neurotic daughter, Blanche; and Pedro Ruiz, a mysterious housekeeper who has accompanied them from New York.

Frustrated by Vivien’s lack of cooperation and unnerved by threatening letters, Georgia Lee soon realizes that she has become a player in a more dangerous game than she could have imagined. And then there’s another murder.

When Georgia Lee transplanted herself from Florida to Paris in Magic Mirror, Publishers Weekly applauded: “The debut of Georgia Lee Maxwell is an all-around delight. . . a brisk and witty book full of sharply unexpected events and packed with wonderfully robust characters.”

As in Magic Mirror, Michaela Thompson’s ability to bring alive a locale shines here. The writing is crisp, the protagonist witty, and the mystery is twisty. A great choice for armchair travelers! Also for fans of Cara Black, Michael Bond, and of course, the great Georges Simenon. Admirers of Hank Phillippi Ryan and the HBO show THE NEWSROOM will love the journalistic background.

“Georgia, bright and kooky, is an engaging narrator and her adventures come thick and fast.” –(London) Times Literary Supplement (about the British edition)


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