A Pocket Full of Pie (Meera Patel Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)

Written by Leena Clover

Everyone loved Jordan Harris, a young rancher who just got engaged to his lady love Jessica. But someone hated him enough to murder him.
When Sylvie’s cafe comes under the radar, Meera and friends pitch in to solve the crime.

Meera Patel is in a funk after vindicating herself of Prudence Walker’s murder. Then she runs into another dead body by the lake. A young man is found dead with a piece of pie in his pocket. And unfortunately, the pie came from Sylvie’s cafe.
A new fancy diner has opened up opposite Sylvie’s. No one wants to eat Sylvie’s tainted pie anymore. Meera and Motee Ba resolve to do anything necessary to help Jon and Sylvie. The Patel men aren’t too crazy about the idea of course.

Is it the handsome but devilish older brother, the spinster sister, the old man or the girl friend that wanted to harm Jordan? Or is someone else lurking behind the shadows? As Meera talks to people, new secrets are revealed every time. The holidays and term end draw close and Meera will need to up her game if she wants her friends and family to have a happy Christmas.

Book 2 of the Meera Patel Cozy Mystery series promises a fast paced page turner with plenty of clues, red herrings and suspects to keep the reader guessing.

Anyone could have killed Jordan but who dun it?
*includes yummy recipes like Meera’s Mutton Curry and Cheese Pakoras
**Can be read as a standalone        


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