A Life In Sales, Volume 1: Mentors, Saints & Sinners – Wisdom, Truths & Lies and The Incredible Lessons Learned

Written by Joe Buzzello
Category: · Business & Money

In his well reviewed third book, the nationally recognized sales expert, Joe Buzzello, documents some of his earliest experiences in the game. The stories are fantastic, the mentors, sinners and saints are all very real, as are the incredible lessons learned. Volume 1 covers the span of time beginning in 1978 and ending in 1982. Joe refers to this as the, “Stone Age,” as he and his cohorts cold-called, presented and closed without the aid of technology. At the end of most chapters, Joe takes the time to editorialize on what he learned (good bad and ugly), from each of the sometimes wonderful and oftentimes bizarre experiences. Anyone who sells for a living or leads salespeople will read this book and walk away with many memorbale take-aways.


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