A Corpsman’s Legacy

Written by Stephanie Caisse

Through The Daughter He Never Knew, Corpsman Gary Young Continues To Heal Veterans And Their Families:

Adopted as a baby, Stephanie began a search for her biological parents without a clue as to where this journey would lead. Early on she discovered her birth father, Gary Norman Young, was killed in the Vietnam War before she was even born. Locating veterans from her father’s world revealed his duties as a Navy Corpsman assigned to the Marine Corps as a helicopter crewmember.

As the story unravels, the mystery of her father’s courage, bravery and finally his death, brings Stephanie in contact with thousands of Marines and their families, including those who died in the helicopter crash with her father. Her journey, itself, becomes a legacy that offers hope and healing to those touched by the tragedies of war while honoring the remarkable relationship that exists between the Marines and their Navy Corpsmen.

Finally, with the help of veterans, the Marine Corps Commandant and a United State Senator, Stephanie obtains the medals and honors her father earned for his sacrifice and service – her tribute to the father she never knew.


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