A Circus Mind: Rock’n Roll Poetry from the Edge

Written by Ryan Cox
Category: · Arts & Photography

Circus Mind is a compilation of rock n roll inspired poems by Ryan Cox. The book weaves through the annals of rock n roll to paint an expressive history of the bands and their music. Exploring the reaches of every corner of the music world from the Rolling Stones recording of Exile on Main St in Nellcôte, France to the Willie Nelson long-haired outlaw country of the 70’s and the socially conscious island rhythms of Bob Marley to the explosive grunge rock of the Seattle trio, Nirvana. Carefully crafting intricate rhymes with surreal imagery of the real life events that characterized the careers of many of the defining artists of the 20 century, Ryan delivers a unique perspective and fresh take of the rock n roll elite. Along with the vivid written imagery, the book is accompanied with a striking collection of illustrations by an international collection of six illustrators.



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