A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong: A Blackshear Family novella (Blackshear Family series Book 0)

Written by Cecilia Grant
Category: · Romance

Voted Best Short Story/Novella in All About Romance’s 2014 Reader Poll


With one more errand to go–the purchase of a hunting falcon–Andrew Blackshear has Christmas completely under control. As his sister’s impending marriage signals the inevitable drifting-apart of the Blackshear family, it’s his last chance to give his siblings the sort of memorable, well-planned holiday their parents could never seem to provide.

He has no time to dawdle, no time for nonsense, and certainly no time to drive the falconer’s vexing, impulsive, lush-lipped, midnight-haired daughter to a house party before heading home. So why the devil did he agree to do just that?


Lucy Sharp has been waiting all her too-quiet life for an adventure, and she means to make the most of this one. She’s going to enjoy the house party as no one has ever enjoyed a house party before, and in the meanwhile she’s going to enjoy every minute in the company of amusingly stern, formidably proper, outrageously handsome Mr. Blackshear. Let him disapprove of her all he likes–it’s not as though they’ll see each other again after today.

…or will they? When a carriage mishap and a snowstorm strand the pair miles short of their destination, threatening them with scandal and jeopardizing all their Christmas plans, they’ll have to work together to save the holiday from disaster. And along the way they just might learn that the best adventures are the ones you never would have thought to plan.

A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong is a long novella/short novel of about 62,000 words. It’s a prequel to the already-available Blackshear Family series. The e-book includes an excerpt of about 5600 words from A Lady Awakened; the novella itself ends at about the 90% mark on your e-reader.

Blackshear Family series:

Book .5 – A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong

Book 1 – A Lady Awakened

Book 2 – A Gentleman Undone

Book 3 – A Woman Entangled


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