A Chase of Blood on Steel: Hobo Kingdom: Book One (The Hobo Kingdom 1)

Written by Dan Biermeier

Glen and Denny are torn from their homes to join Marv’s Marauders, who inflict justice on murderers, rapists and thieves in the deadly world of the Hobo Kingdom. Jump aboard the train and race upon steel across this land of predators and prey and those that even the scales upon the rails. But watch out! There could be blood everywhere.

Goodreads Reviews:
‘A different world than where you come from! This kingdom has its own language, rules, and characters. These trains are wild rides where no one is safe and at times you are not sure who to root for. I loved the Bam! in your face vigilante justice where the good guys are not pure and the bad guys – you don’t even want to know exist. The pace is fast and the story is edgy – the characters are big and rough with their own sense of right and wrong. An incredible ride.’

‘Denny and Glen are taken from their families and pushed into the world of adventure, tragedy, crime, violence, friendship and loyalty. They eventually land in the hands of two groups of hobos … they learn the life, they learn a new code of ethics … and they learn how to help hunt down two homicidal monsters.’

‘This book is not like anything I have ever read, it does not remind me of anything (I have lately found this to be a super rare trait). It is fast paced, the characters and their relationships (good and bad) are amazing well developed and very richly created. The story, at times a bit scattered, is interesting and unique -and makes you want to keep reading.’


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