500 Mexican Recipes: Ultimate Mexican Cookbook for Home Cooking

Written by Adriano Rizzi

Whether you are planning to host a Mexican party or simply trying to improve your tamale technique, Ultimate Mexican Cookbook for Home Cooking can help!

The cookbook features 500 delicious and authentic recipes that can be easily recreated at home. From the Cocktail “Margarita” to Chimichangas with chicken and cheese, you will find recipes for any occasion inside!

All of the amazing recipes are followed by easy to follow step-by-step directions.

Have a look at some of the recipes you are about to discover:

  • Fajitas with beef
  • Quesadillas with cheese mix and spinach
  • Easy tacos with chicken and homemade hot sauce
  • Corn chips with avocado dip
  • Spicy tacos with fish
  • Pita pizzas in Mexican style
  • Creamy guacamole
  • Salad with salsa and tortillas
  • Tortilla salad with Quorn
  • Burritos with rice, beans and cheese
  • Mini soft tacos with coleslaw and shrimps

…and many more!

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