30 Day Whole Food Slow Cooker Challenge: Top 40 Easy, Quick and Delicious Whole Food Slow Cooker Recipes Using Only 5 Ingredients or Less

Written by Dana Summers

Who said eating healthy, nutritious food needs to be complicated? With over 40 easy, unprocessed, and most importantly whole food approved 5-Ingredient crock pot recipes, making dinner is a breeze! What you are holding in your hand is a book that will transform everyday boring dinners into nutrient dense, protein rich meals that take less than ten minutes to prepare.

If you are on a quest to find super easy to prepare meals that you can literally dump in your slow cooker then look no more. What this book offers, are easy delicious recipes using five ingredients or less; that you can definitely find in your cupboards. Say goodbye to complicated lists of ingredients that you can’t pronounce – not to mention find at the health food store!

Each recipe in this book has been carefully crafted, tested and incorporates only fresh, unprocessed meats, herbs, spices, and vegetables. All the recipes are, of course, gluten and dairy free. You can literally take ten minutes in the morning to prep the meal, dump everything in the slow cooker then set it and forget it. Imagine the smell of a nutritious, home cooked meal when you return home from a long day of work. There is nothing better than opening your front door and being welcomed by the incredible smell of a Classic Pot Roast with Mushrooms or Turkey Breast with Rosemary dishes.


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