25 October 1415: The Battle of Agincourt, Henry V’s Longbowmen Defeat The French

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It is 1415 AD. Henry V, of the House of Lancaster, is King of England. The English kings have claimed the throne of France as their birthright for generations, but the young king intends to finally make good on that claim; either by negotiation, or by force if necessary.

As the last attempt at diplomacy fails, Henry and embarks on an ambitions campaign. He sets sail with a 10,000 man army to take what he believes to be rightfully his, starting with the coastal French town of Harfleur.

His plans lose momentum though at the Siege of Harfleur; many of his soldiers become ill and many will never see England again. He eventually takes Harfleur after a long and bloody siege, a minor victory in a large war, but he desperately needs one more grand gesture to justify this expensive excursion into France.

He comes up with a plan to embarrass the French and marches the remainder of his army across the French countryside, hoping to go unopposed through their lands to the English fortress at Calais.

But on the road, only 30 miles from Calais, at a muddy field near the castle of Azincourt, he is stopped by the entire might of the French army. Henry, his 800 men-at-arms, and 5,000 peasant archers stand facing a much larger force; thousands of French nobles, in the best armor with the best weapons, are waiting for him, ready for battle. The various French factions have temporarily put aside their differences to score an easy victory against the English king.

Fate would bring an unexpected outcome however, and the Battle of Agincourt on 25 October 1415, is remembered as one of the most amazing battles of medieval Europe.

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Bonus: The final chapter is a detailed account of the feared English Longbow, the weapon that helped snatch victory away from the French at Agincourt and many other medieval battlefields.


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