200 Beauty Tips You Must Know About To Look Amazing And Stay Young

Written by Angela Perelli
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You ARE beautiful …

Every woman wants to look beautiful and sexy. Even if aren’t looking for that “special someone” in your life. Being beautiful means feeling good about yourself and how you look. It’s about feeling young and alive. Wouldn’t you like to be as beautiful and sexy as you can?

But how?

Being beautiful starts with knowledge
We’re constantly bombarded with advertising to buy the latest look, or the latest cosmetic that will solve all your problems and turn us into models. And of course, they don’t work. Meanwhile you’re constantly bombarded with images of beautiful woman to compare yourself against.

What’s a woman to do?

Looking beautiful isn’t just for models anymore
The truth is looking as beautiful and sexy isn’t as hard as it looks. It isn’t expensive. You don’t need beautiful genes. And you don’t need an unlimited credit card.

All it takes is knowing how.

In this book, Angela Perelli applies her many years of experience studying and testing beauty secrets and regimens. In 200 simple, easy to follow tips she’ll show you exactly how to create a beautiful, sexy look that will build your confidence, self-esteem and popularity.
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