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Top 10 FAQs

1. What is Freado?

Freado is a website where you can win prizes while discovering interesting books. We also conduct occasional online festivals, fairs and carnivals around themes (such as Hunger Games, Summer Romance or Halloween).

2. Who is behind

A company called BookBuzzr dedicated to helping authors promote their books online. Over 10529 authors are listed on Freado.

3. Why are you giving free prizes?

Participating authors sponsor many of the prizes in the hope that you will notice their books, read their books, review their books and tell your friends about their books.

4. But there's no such thing as a free lunch!

Ask our 651 winners who have won anything from books to Kindles to gift certificates. Even an iPad.

5. What's in it for

Eyeballs. We show the books of our participating authors in the games and on the site. It is a form of advertising for our authors.

6. Do I have to buy anything?

No. We do ask that you write a review of the books that you win on the site but you are under no compulsion to do so.

7. Would I get a book of my choice?

You can suggest a book on our Facebook page or Favorite a book that you see on Freado. We'll attempt to make it available as a prize.

8. What happens to my information etc.? Because now you have my mailing address as well.

We won't spam you. We won't contact you without your permission. We collect your mailing address only when you win a prize. We share your contact and address details with third parties ONLY for the purpose of sending the prize book to you (and ONLY after receiving your explicit permission to do so.) The third parties here would include a retailer such as, or a participating author or publisher whose book you have played for and won as a prize.

9. I'm an author and I'd like to have my book show up in these games and as a prize. What do I need to do?

Sign-up at BookBuzzr (the company that owns

10. How will we know whether we have won a book or not? And how long does it usually take to ship the book?

After the contest end date, if you are the winner you will get a notification email and also a message in your Freado account. Click on the link given in the mail or message in your Freado account and provide your shipping details. If your prize is being sent by participating authors or publishers, we will share your shipping details with them. If the prize is given away by Freado then we will ship it to your address within 15 days.

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