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5 Must Have Book Accessories Under 10$ for Book Lovers

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Reading accessories add to the experience of reading. They make it easier in many ways to continue to do what book lovers love, i.e. read without having to worry about other things.

There is a large variety of book accessories out there. From bookends that keep books in place and prevent them from toppling to bath caddys that keep your book dry while you soak in the bathtub with a glass of wine. These little add on’s make reading more fun.

And they aren’t all expensive either. Here’s 5 awesome book accessories you must get that cost less than $10.

7 Must Have Book Covers to Keep Your Book Safe



I have an OCD when it comes to books and there are a lot of types to my OCD. One of them is my fussiness about book covers. I hate my covers getting creased or dirty and dog-ears, they make me cry.

Particular about keeping my books pristine, I’ve been covering my books since I can remember. But keeping a book safe and clean aren’t the only reasons why I cover a book. There are those cheeky books with extremely naughty covers I read at times and I don’t want people to know about too, and covers are great for covering that up. 😀

I’ve used newspaper since way back to make for a simple cover for my books. Newspaper is great but it has it’s issues, like durability and reusability. Looking for other ideas, here’s 7 book covers I found, that look great, do the job and do a little extra.

5 Fantastic Book Earrings for BookLovers


When you think of accessories of booklovers, the first things that come to mind are book covers, bookends and bookmarks. But that isn’t the end, it’s just the start.

Bookish accessories come in a wide and large variety, from bookmarks to tees to finger rings. We’re hoping to cover them all as we go along. Do share your favourite book accessories with us in comments? Or let us know which others we must showcase.

This week we’re looking for must buy book earrings. The kind that make you feel like you have a book with you everywhere you go. These are my top 5, which ones do you love?

5 Fabulous Handmade Covers for the Kindle Voyage



The latest in the Kindle stable, the Kindle Voyage claims to be the ultimate in reading experience. It may or may not be, the jury is still out on that one. If you have a Voyage do tell us what you think of it and how it compares to previous Kindles and other readers.

Coming back to point, owning a Kindle isn’t where ereader shopping ends. Once you have the Kindle, it needs accessories and the leading accessory to get is the cover.

Amazon offers a range of covers but why limit yourself when you can get a personal, highly individual and unique cover that is all your own. So without further ado, here’s 5 handmade covers for the Kindle Voyage we fell in love with.


10 Cool Bookmarks for Book-Lovers


I’ve had a thing for bookmarks since I was a child. Come to think of it almost every book reader would have used bookmarks before the advent of e-readers. It was the only way to keep track of progress.

Well, not true, there are those who will fold the page edge or dog-ear it to mark their spot (I cannot verbalise well enough my annoyance at this). And there are also those who will pick anything around them – a piece of newspaper, a laundry bill, a bottle label – to use as a marker (I am occasionally guilty of this).

But the inveterate reader is usually crazy about bookmarks and even has a favourite one. I’ve lost track of the bookmarks I have bought over the years and I know I will keep buying them because just like I can’t say no to adding books to my TBR, I can’t resist collecting bookmarks. 😀

Keeping with the spirit of hoarding bookmarks here are 10 more cool bookmarks you would want to get.


10 Must Have Bookends for Book Addicts



Books aren’t the only things that make me drool on a bookshelf. Bookends can do that to me too! Especially when they step beyond being the simple common place stands.

Bookends hold up books on a shelf and make sure they don’t fall over or off the rack. But they can be more than that, they can be pieces of art, collectibles you want to treasure.

Here are 10 bookends from my ‘I have to get this’ list. A collection of amazing designs and wacky styles in something as simple as a bookend.


10 Bookshelves Every Book Addict Would Want


Book lovers don’t just love books they also have a passion for anything book related. So I got thinking about the things I love that are connected to books but aren’t books themselves.

The first three things that came to my mind were – bookshelves, bookmarks and bookends. If I could, I would collect these, in large numbers. 😀 But since I can’t hoard tons of these I decided to do the next best thing. (more…)