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Trash Dove Reading Book

Trash Dove – Internet’s new obsession that spamming people all over on Facebook!

Did you hear about the “Trash Dove”(The purple Bird) that has become a over-night sensation. Still not familiar wait let me give you people little more insight: Have you seen Dove-like purple bird banging its heads on your Facebook Timeline, yes that is called the “Trash Dove”. Trash Dove was designed by a Florida-based illustrator in September 2016 and it was created has a set of Facebook stickers in January 2017.

Trash Dove- Freado Version

Trash Dove - The purple Bird
Trash Dove – Internet’s new obsession that spamming people all over on Facebook!- This is Our version of Trash Dove – “THE READING TRASH DOVE”


Some of the Internet Memes have been meaningful one & we have created our own(Trash Dove reading a book;)) Hope you people like it 😉 However, the reason for it going viral is unsure.

5 Book Review Programs for Book Blogger Newbies


The love of books is a love that keeps your pockets light and the book shelves laden. My favourite place to shop and hangout are bookstores but I also dread the places for I cannot walk away without buying books and making a dent in the budget, a big dent sometimes.

Over the years though I’ve found ways to get my hands on books without spending as much. Libraries, book lending programs, free ebooks for the kindle, book review programs and books from publishers and authors are a few ways to get books for less or free.

If you have book review blog or are starting out with one, book review programs are a great way to get books and build your blog presence at the same time. You get to choose the book you want from a variety offered and review it to build you reputation over time as a reviewer.

Without much further ado, here’s 5 free blogger book review programs to get you started.


3 Online Bookstore Affiliate Programs for Book Bloggers




Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for book bloggers to make some money doing what they love best. While you continue reading, reviewing and talking about books you can make money too!

Affiliate payments are commissions you earn for the recommendations you make. The more valuable your opinion and voice the more money you can make. Various stores and websites offer affiliate programs. Once you have signed up for the program you just have to add your affiliate links in your blog posts and if people link on your links and buy, you earn a commission.

Most affiliate sites work with cookies that track visitors so even if the person does not buy immediately after clicking on your link, you would still earn as long as they brought within the time limit set by the website.

But how do you choose which affiliate programs to sign up for? There are a lot of programs available out there but here are 3 online bookstore programs you can start with if you are a book blogger.


5 Book Blogging Directories For Listing Your Book Blog


Looking for more book review requests? Or maybe you are looking for other book bloggers to follow? Online Directories are a great place for both, especially the directories that are specific to book bloggers.

Book Blogger Directories work great for authors and publishers to find appropriate bloggers for their books.They are also an excellent place for bloggers to find other bloggers in their niche to connect with.

Listing your blog in appropriate directories will lead to more book review requests and more comments and conversations on your blog over time. But how to find the right directories? If you are a book blogger, here are 5 book blogger directories you should list your blog in.


5 Websites with High Quality Free Images for Book Bloggers

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.55.50 pm


Words can weave a web of beauty, yet a picture adds a much to the paragraphs. A picture is worth a thousand words, is the age old adage and it holds a lot of meaning for bloggers. An image along with the text in a blog post makes the post more visually appealing and adds value to the post. It breaks the monotony of black and white text while still keeping the subject of the article in place.

It is an excellent way to add more meaning to the post, give examples or make a point. But using an image isn’t as straight forward as that unless the image is taken or created by you. If you are using someone else’s image there are copyright issues to keep in mind.

Not every image can be readily used, they require permissions, credits, attribution etc. and some will even require payment. But, there are some sites that exclusively offer copyright free images so bloggers can use images without any strings attached. Here are 5 image sites that offer royalty and copyright free images for use.


7 Useful Freebies Websites to Help You Design Your Book Blog


Successful blogs don’t just have excellent content, they are also laid out and presented well. Presentation isn’t just about the formatting and editing of text, the way it’s placed or the font used.

Presentation includes the theme, colours, buttons, copyright icons, sidebar titles, badges, and more. We’ve talked about Free WordPress Themes, Awesome Blogger Templates and Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog More Beautiful before. But what about badges, buttons and such?

Here’s 5 websites that offer a lot of these little free bell and whistles that will make your blog standout.


5 Free WordPress Themes to Get You Started as a Book Blogger



It’s not enough to just write well, this age is about presentation. The display and look matters and can make a big difference. This applies to books, blogs and book blogs too. 🙂

Your WordPress blog’s theme is part of the presentation package of your blog. The theme is the basic framework of how your blog will be laid out, the colours it will have, the fonts, and such. It’s reflects your personality and says something about you.

A good theme is tuned for your subject and enhances your writing. But finding the right theme for you isn’t always straight forward. So, to start you off here are 5 excellent themes that work great for book bloggers. And they are free too!

Top 3 Community Websites for Book Lovers


Ever felt that feeling when you finish an incredible book and look up wanting to share the joy your bursting with but can’t find anyone who will understand what your are feeling. Know that feeling?

If there is anything booklovers love more that reading, it’ll be talking about what they love. And ‘not having like-minded readers in immediate family and friend circles’ is one of the top grouses of booklovers.

It’s these gaps that are filled by online communities. Groups of like-minded people from across the globe coming together to share and talk about something they are passionate about. With the internet you can now find others who love that unheard of book that you can’t stop gushing about. (more…)

5 Tips For Book Bloggers Who are Just Starting Out


Book blogging may not be a science but it sure is an art. And like most art forms, it requires a lot pf practice and a little talent.

You have to hone your skill at critiquing and there is no better way to do this then to keep repeatedly doing it. Try and review every book you read, write a few free-flowing lines on what you thought of the book or create a guideline to follow.

But aside from sticking with it and writing a lot of book reviews here are 5 top tips we have heard repeatedly from successful book bloggers to help you become a better book reviewer.