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The Ideal Executive (Why You Cannot Be One and What to Do About it)
Change is constant. The process has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue forever. The world is changing physically, socially and economically. Change is here to stay.

And change creates problems. In fact, the greater the quantity and velocity of the changes, the greater the quantity and complexity of the problems we will have.

Why does change create problems? Because everything --everything-- is a system, whether we are talking about a human being, an organization, or the solar system. And every system is, by definition, composed of subsystems. When change occurs, the subsystems do not change synchronously. Some subsystems change faster than others. The result is disintegration. Any problem you might have --with your car, your marriage, at work--analyze it and you will find that something has fallen apart, and it has fallen apart because of change.

These manifestations of disintegration caused by change, which we call problems, require solutions. And whatever decision organizational leaders take about how to deal with these problems will create new changes, and those changes will create new discontinuities, and thus tomorrow's problems. The purpose of management, leadership, parenting, or governing-- any form of organizational leadership--is to solve today's problems and get ready to deal with tomorrow's problems. And that means managing change.

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