Shattered Glass
By AC Katt
Publisher : Captiva Press
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Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?

Milo grew up in fear, hiding the fact that he was gay. Becoming a rock star with his band Shattered Glass was a dream come true. Finally lovers with Liam, the friend he’d desired since childhood, Milo worries about his image and keeping their relationship a secret.

Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can’t buy him the happiness of talking Milo out of the closet, able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, a fellow band-mate with vengeance on his mind conspires to break the lovers up in the most vicious way possible, destroying the couple’s relationship and shredding Liam’s peace of mind.

Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of Milo and the band. Forced into a tenuous working reunion, Liam knows his heart still belongs to Milo. Working together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart, now all they have to do is survive the psychopath intent on silencing Liam and his music forever.

Contains hot rock star manlove, mysterious motives, and a brotherhood of friends strong enough to forgive.

Content Warning: Graphic language, violence, sensual and explicit scenes of m/m sexuality including oral sex, anal sex/play, sex toys, forced seduction.

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The Story Behind This Book
Where do you get your story ideas?” Is the first question most people ask a writer. My answer is, “It’s a process,” which probably annoys the hell out of whom ever asked the question. I give this answer because to explain how the idea for a story jelled would, at most times, fascinate another writer, but bore the reader to tears. However, since you have asked so many times, if not me, someone else, I will attempt to give you insight into how I get an idea for a story. My husband and I were in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Asbury is a New Jersey Shore town that grew seedy in the seventies. Once, it was one of the hot spots at the Jersey Shore. They still have a beautiful beach and the Clean Water Act along with the help of multiple environmental groups have worked hard to make the water as inviting as it was back when. The town was financially troubled and never recovered from riots in the seventies or series of disastrous, promise long—cash short developers. Late in the nineties, a new group of residents began to move into the town. They weren’t concerned about schools, they had disposable incomes and the means to set up small businesses and the clientele to support them—they were gay. By the summer of 2007, they established themselves as permanent residents of Asbury Park, welcomed by the town as a tax paying minority group who improved property and enlarged the tax base. Along Cookman Avenue the once fashionable shopping district, boarded up storefronts reopened and turned into galleries, smart restaurants, and trendy boutiques. This brought back business from the straight citizens of the surrounding towns and slowly but surely, Asbury Park was turning chic. We used to go visit the boardwalk just to walk by the ocean on a regular basis. After our walk along the boards, we usually strolled down Cookman Avenue to see what was new or to find somewhere for lunch. That day we found a cute little eatery that was doing a bustling brunch business. We stopped and ate. Throughout the restaurant were paintings on the walls from the local galleries. The one just behind my husband’s head caught my attention; indeed, I could say it caught my imagination. It was a poignant study of a young man’s face. The artist put it that indefinable something extra into the portrait. The young man’s eyes held the weight of the world. He was frightened, yet quietly resigned to something. I knew I had to have that painting. My husband sat through lunch watching me stare at a point somewhere above his left ear. When he asked me a question for the third time, he finally said in exasperation, “Where are you?” “Look on the wall in back of you,” I answered. All of a sudden, he was as caught up in the painting as I was. We discretely checked the name of the gallery on the tag and to our delight; it was only two doors away. We were there as soon as we paid our check. The owner of the gallery told us that their resident artist had done the painting on a board during his student days. He had painted it from a photograph. The compelling young man in the photo was Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. I did not care who he was. I wanted the portrait. Leaving my husband to settle the details, I went to study my latest acquisition and after about fifteen minutes, I knew there was a story in that picture and it was not Syd’s story. However, I still did not know whose story it was. He was a rocker, from sometime in the late eighties to the early nineties, but I had no plot, just a face. I brought the painting home and wrapped it carefully. We were in the middle of packing up and moving from New Jersey to New Mexico primarily for my health. I have a joint disease that thrives in the humidity of the Jersey Shore, but dies in the high desert. When we unpacked, I put my painting of Syd Barrett right across from the chair in my office where I usually sat while I wrote. I finished The Sarran Plague and was in the process of editing it for publication. The radio was on and Jon Bon Jovi’s Make a Memory came on the radio. I absently listened to the song while doing my edits but my subconscious mind heard something that my ear did not. The next time I heard the song, I was in the car and my husband was driving. I could to listen carefully to the lyrics. Syd’s painting now had a story. With a little bit of imagination and an application of my particular writing niche the song became Shattered Glass, a work in progress. Here is my blurb for the story— Milo of mega band, Shattered Glass, must write one last song with former lover and lead singer, Liam O’Shea after six years apart. Can they overcome a stalker and the lies that separated them? I’m sure that this was not quite the story Jon Bon Jovi had in mind when he wrote the song. However, my painting of a young man who turned out to be Syd Barrett, the founder of the band, Pink Floyd, coupled with a song from Bon Jovi and my move from the Jersey Shore to New Mexico gave me a book, Shattered Glass. Shattered Glass will be available from Captiva Press at at the end of June. Oh, and by the way, I located the photo from which the artist painted my painting. He is a very talented young man. The photo said nothing. The painting said everything.

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Praise and Reviews
Shattered Glass will rock your world!, July 23, 2010
This review is from: Shattered Glass (Kindle Edition)
Ever since Milo Stamis was a kid, he, along with brothers Sam and Rick Stein, bonded like brothers. When a new kid, Liam O'Shea, came along, Milo, who'd suffered at the hands of his own homophobic father immediately spotted Liam's gay tendencies and vowed to protect him. Besides, without a dad, Liam needed a father figure. The gang formed a band, Shattered Glass, of which Liam later became the lead singer. 

Sadly, Liam's mother died of cancer and Milo agreed to become his guardian until Liam turned eighteen, which was good because they were inseparable, so much so, Milo wonders if he's taken his guardianship too far. Liam's young and he needs to experience life for himself - yet Milo doesn't want to risk losing him to anyone else, especially as Liam is nearly of legal age and they've waited so long to be together properly. How can he be Liam's guardian, confidant, friend, and almost lover all at once? Something has got to give and, unfortunately it does, but it's neither Milo or Liam's fault. 

When Sam Stein leaves the band to take the bar exam he has high hopes of becoming the band's lawyer and manager once qualified. To replace him, they take on a new drummer, Bart Hedge, recommended by Sam's younger brother Rick, but Bart is not there for the good of the band, he has his own agenda. Before long he's creating an inharmonious vibration of doubt and discord between Milo and Liam - one evil step at a time. While the rest of the band are high on success, Bart is high on drugs and dealing to Rick who's need for his next fix gets him caught in a web of lies and deceit he cannot escape. Bart's clever riffs foil everyone. 

Meanwhile, on Liam's eighteenth birthday his attorney, Walter Cheever, arranges to pass Milo vital details pertaining to the fatal car accident which killed Liam's father, but neither Walt nor the information reach their destination. Now, six years later, Liam has lost his lover, the band, his career and his livelihood - practically his whole life, and it won't be long before his stalker takes that too if his dangerous games work as he plans. 

What a performance! Shattered Glass starts at a Press Conference in 2002 with news that the lead singer of the band called Shattered Glass, Liam, has left due to "creative differences." The truth behind this, though, is far from simple. The following events relayed in the book span a large period from their youthful band practice in the garage, right through to living their childhood dreams as famous members of a successful mega-band with all the trappings - roadies, groupies, tours. And a blackmailing stalker whose revenge threats become more deadly with each passing day. 

This plot-driven love story takes a fast-paced walk on the wild side of what it's like to be successful gay musicians playing sweet music together. It also shows how success breeds jealousy from the most unlikely places. Are Milo and Liam strong enough to overcome the terrible ordeal planned for them? 

AC Katt has written a haunting story full of powerful images and shocking events. It's provocative, realistically gritty, and a refreshing take on a gay love story. Shattered Glass is the perfect accompaniment for a music loving, M-M reader lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime.

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