Words 2 Ignite The Soul
Publisher : Suzanne E. Uzzell / Lulu.com
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Words 2 Ignite The Soul written by Evangelist Suzanne E. Uzzell Daily Thoughts and Encouragement for the Godly Queen. A Woman of Royality and Reverence Serving her Holy King! This Book is inspirational and it ministers to Sisters from all walks of life.Words 2 Ignite The Soul is a Inspirational book and devotions for Woman Suzanne is an Evangelist who has been ministering over 14 years. She ministers where God leads her to. She preached in United States as well as Overseas. Suzanne E. Uzzell Native New Yorker attended Herbert H. Lehman College and graduated with a B.A. in 2001. She is married to TSgt Jahi J.Uzzell who serves in the United States Air force.She is an Air Force Spouse who currently lives in Las Vegas Nevada. She lived in England, Hawaii and the Netherlands Suzanne enjoys traveling and living in new places. She relocates every 3 to 4 years. Suzanne is the Author of Three books Reach Out And Touch, Words 2 Ignite the Soul and first book written Chosen Words which are self published on lulu.com. She hopes to inspire and captivate her audience.Suzanne is grateful and thanks God for allowing her to complete this endeavor.

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The Story Behind This Book
Suzanne E. Uzzell wrote Words 2 Ignite the Soul to inspire and encourage woman from all walks of life! She prays that her readers will be touch by her words! Words 2 Ignite the Soul is written for Woman and young ladies who desire encouragement and seeks to draw closer to God.This book inspires every woman to be the Godly Queen God designed them to be. Here is a sample writing from her new book! The Heart of a Godly Queen Pg 35 Words 2 Ignite the Soul The heart of a Godly Lady is dear it holds the love that many need to receive. When a lady loves she releases healing to those around her. She is able to share her gift of love, compassion, patience and care for those who are willing to receive from her. She is a nurturer and her words are soft and comforting to her family, friends and those around her. The strangers she encounters from day to day seems receptive to her posture of kindness and beauty after indulging in conversation. The Heart of a Godly Lady reaches out to her community and helps those in need. She reaches out to the abused and suffering throughout the land. She loves through adversity and shows herself friendly. She walks by faith and leads by example serving with integrity. Godly Queens strive for Excellence in Character and in Heart.

Praise and Reviews
I can say that this book is very inspiring and it speaks to the Heart of every Woman. It encourages the reader to draw closer to God and to become the Godly Queen they were ordained to be! 

 I really enjoyed reading this book it ministers to the hearts of every woman, they will receive God's word and new perspective on life and receive joy after reading this book.

By Cindy Lee


About Suzanne Uzzell
Suzanne Uzzell
Suzanne E. Uzzell a Native New Yorker attended Herbert H. Lehman College and graduated with a B.A. in 2001. She is married to TSgt Jahi J. Uzzell who serves in the United States  More...
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