Caught up in a world of easy money, designer labels and drug-dealing boyfriends, sixteen-year-old Kyra Jones is living life on the fast track. But when her single mom is offered a job that takes Kyra away from her old Chicago neighborhood, and the drugs and gang violence that go along with it, she finally realizes that there's more to life than Gucci, Prada and ghetto-fabulous bling. Starting over in a new place, with a new boyfriend, Justin, gives Kyra hope that life can be different. But sometimes the fast life catches up to you. And for Kyra, her only hope is to stay one step ahead of trouble.

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The Story Behind This Book
Inspired by a dream I had when I was 14. Influenced by the urban fiction genre.

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Praise and Reviews
5/5 stars From Nicole Boothe, author of the novel KEMEYA,
Casandra Carter is a talented writer with a bright future. Her debut novel has everything - drugs, sex, intrigue and her main character, Kyra Jones is not even out of high school. I enjoyed every minute of this dicey novel about a girl from Chicago that got caught up in the...Fast Life!

5/5 stars A whole lot of trouble By Deasia Gause - February 26, 2012

- This book is nothing like read before this book is fill with supense ad a whole lot of drama. I love kyra and justin and their romance build up this book is on my top 10 book list this book is everything I accept it to be I would love if another one comes out!


5.0 out of 5 stars OMG!! THIS IS DA BEST BOOK EVERRRR!!! By Victoria L. Morse - March 31, 2009

I am a student in Victoria Morse's class and this is a book she bought for me. Fast life is a very good book I read this book in like 2 days that's how good it is. If you like realistic teen books then Fast life is the best book 4 u. This story takes place in the Bahamas and in Chicago. The main character's name is Kyra, and her big problem is that she moves to Bahamas with her mother and falls in love with this very sexy boy name Justin!!!! But her major problem is that she already has a boyfriend back home in chi-town but she did not tell Justin. What's cool about this book is that it keeps you reading and it has a lot of action that I think us teenagers can relate to.


5/ 5 stars Fast life is a fast read A Kid's Review -  March 31, 2009

I’m a student in Victoria Morses class and this is a review of a book she bought for me. if your a person who likes teen fictional drama than you should read Kimani Tru Fast life. The book takes place in Chicago the main characters name is Kyra her big problem is that she’s moving to a different ISLAND! my favorite thing about the book is that it has a lot of drama.


5/5 stars Great Book! By W. Kenny - March 29, 2009

As I read this book, I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. This book was filled with surprises and had my full attention!


5/5 stars Tha Business By MisDajania, January 9, 2009



5/5 stars A Great Read! By Sistah Keyonna of the SistahFriend Book Club - December 18, 2007

Fast Life by Cassandra Carter will take you down the road of a teenager who moves from the life of drugs, violence, thug love, and fashion savviness, to a life of true love, self-development, and growth. The author is an eighteen-year-old who targets the teenage audience. The main character, Kyra, was well-developed throughout the book. The author clearly showed how Kyra went from loving the thug life with her boyfriend, Makai to finding out the true meaning of love through life lessons with her boyfriend, Justin. Cassandra's writing style was clear and intriguing with a strong storyline. You'll be dying to know what happens next; once you start reading this book, you will not want to put it down. Fast Life will fill the reader with various emotions - happiness, sadness, excitement, and hope. As a young writer, Cassandra Carter exceeded my expectations with her creative storyline and characters' development. I am definitely looking forward to reading more books by her as she continues her promising career.

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