The Eye of the Archer
Publisher : Deep Six Publishers
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Clouds suddenly surround the globe.  Modern science is at a lost to explain the unending rain and snow.  A great flood of biblical proportions is destroying cities and crops.  Du Moss, a sixteen-year-old amphibious boy, must quickly learn to harness his special powers to save the Age of Man.

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The Story Behind This Book
I was walking down from Machu Picchu--you used to be able to hang out there and do pretty much whatever you wanted including camping--and it was night with lots of spirits about and I had this thought. Hey, if this fell apart as fast as it did for the Inca, who is to say that it won't happen to us? That's where I got the idea for the Eye of the Archer. I couldn't get past it and this book stayed with me through about 50 drafts (parts were published in an earlier version 12: A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar), jobs, marriage, kid, and well I finally got it, and here it is.

Praise and Reviews
Words of praise for 12 - A Novel About the End of the Mayan Calendar from Goodread readers.
- "A fascinating read indeed. It starts of interesting and continues throughout - no 'wasted words' - my kind of book!"
- "
really good fiction"
- "
students would love it.  I look forward to reading Volume 2."
I was pulled into the story and into the Mayan mythology."
"Characters unique and believable."
"This was a great book!"
"Superbly written book that keeps you in suspense in the first few pages"

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Jeffrey Marcus Oshins
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