Whispers at Ghost Point
Publisher : Swallowtail Productions LLC
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*Sequel to No Turning Back (Historical)

Join Dana as she learns about her past while working toward her future. The dangers that lurk at an abandoned lighthouse pull her into a past she was unaware of but also involves a man she's never met...in this lifetime! Can a ghost from her past destroy her future? Read on and find out...

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The Story Behind This Book
Life beyond what we actually see IS real and to a chosen few, can be seen! Even to those who can't see the paranormal, they may be picked as victims and controlled in order for the ghosts to obtain what they want. It may be revenge for what they lost in a past life or it may be that they want another chance at life and attempt to take over a living soul. This is the premise that Whispers at Ghost Point is created around. I hope you enjoy the story and my characters.

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