ZEN FLOWERS: Flower Doodle Designs (Zendoodle, Zentangle, Doodle)

Written by Abby Olivia Collins
Category: · Arts & Photography

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Zen flowers are a type of art that falls under zendoodle. Just like zendoodle, zen flowers are meant to help the maker relax and meditate. It’s just that zen flowers focus on one subject — and that is flowers, of course.

This book will help you understand the purpose of zendoodle, see the beauty of zen flowers, and learn how to draw them too. It includes step-by-step pictures and instructions to draw the zen flowers and the different designs to help you through the way. There are also several patterns waiting to be discovered by you inside.

If you are one of the people who are very much fascinated by flowers, this is the perfect new hobby for you. You get to enjoy all the things that you want: flowers, fun, and relaxation. Take a peek inside to learn and enjoy at the same time. Relaxation and meditation has never been this affordable and fun!

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