World War 1: Soldier Stories: The Untold Soldier Stories on the Battlefields of WWI (World War I, WWI, World War One, Great War, First World War, Soldier Stories)

Written by Ryan Jenkins
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Heroes of the “War to end all Wars”


World War I, also known in its time as the “Great War” or the “War to End all Wars”, was an unprecedented holocaust in terms of its sheer scale. Fought by men who hailed from all corners of the globe, it saw millions of soldiers do battle in brutal assaults of attrition, which dragged on for months with little to no respite.
Tens of millions of artillery shells and untold hundreds of millions of rifle and machine gun bullets were fired in a conflict that demonstrated man’s capacity to kill each other on an unprecedented scale.

The enduring image of World War I is of men stuck in muddy trenches and of vast armies deadlocked in a fight neither could win. There were heroes though. Men who fought against odds so great, that few would survive. These are the stories of just a few.
Read about the “Devil Dog” who brought home not one, but two Medals of Honor and was even nominated for a third for his service.
Find out more about the German general who came home a hero, and dared to challenge Hitler. He was one of the few that survived doing so.
Learn about the “Jungle Fox” and his daring charges.
War is hell. Many men don’t survive that those that do are left with a lasting impression of the horrors witnessed. These stories honor those that fought for their countries and the other men who stood beside him. Pick up a copy of your own today.

Comments From Other Readers

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay much attention in my history class when it came to wars. They were over so why should I care? History is bound to repeat itself. In terms of war, that’s generally with tragic results. While the war itself was brutal, these brave men highlighted in the book took on immeasurable odds to save the lives of those around them. Starting with a short history of the war, it runs into these amazing stories. I wish I had paid attention when I was younger, but I’m certainly paying attention now.” – Hank (Montana, US)
“The heroics of men under the strain of war are something of a marvel. Any man that would willingly sacrifice himself for the life of another is to be commended. To do so repeatedly is heroic. Those that fight in any war for the freedom of others should all be considered heroic. There are some that stand out amongst the rest though. These are some of such stories from men who fought with valour in World War I. The author excels in his description of the history surrounding the war as well as his efforts in extoling the actions of these men. Truly a wonderful book.” – Jacques (Montreal, Canada)

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