World of de Wolfe Pack: The Wolfe Match (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Written by Kit Morgan

Take one feisty woman from the 21st century, struggling to survive.
One Knight from the 19th, descended from warriors of old.
An unconventional duke and duchess.
A few mysterious time travelers out to save the world, and what have you got?
A big fat mess! For a time …

Tory Phelps was about to hit rock bottom and needed something different in her life, so when her dream job presented itself out of the blue, she grabbed it. Little did she know her new employers were not all they seemed. Either they were wacko, or the impossible had happened.

Sir Aldrich Wolfe often stayed at his friend’s estate for long weeks, fishing, hunting, and enjoying Stantham Hall’s delightful, yet unconventional, hospitality. But when the duke of Stantham hires a beautiful tutor for the duchess, his world is turned upside down. And then some!

Time Master Dallan MacDonald is no stranger to matchmaking. He himself was fated to be with his lovely wife, Shona. In fact, they had little choice in the matter. Not if they were to stop a horrible calamity from befalling the world. But matched they were and saving the world is now their thing. Playing matchmaker to someone else, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter! Can they bring two complete opposites together? Never mind the fact they’re from different centuries!

Enjoy this fun romp about two people who couldn’t possibly fall in love … the conventional way. This book is part of the World of de Wolfe Pack Kindle World.



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