Work Quilting: Piece Together Diverse Income Streams ; Live an Insanely Awesome Life.

Written by Vikki Walton
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“As you may have noticed, the world of work is changing. You also may have challenged the worn out notion of the Single Lifetime Occupation, but are fuzzy about the options. Happily, Vikki Walton is here to help. In this useful guidebook, she offers the very tools you need to reconstruct a new career—a quilt made of a variety of things that suit you perfectly. Spend time with Work Quilting and you’ll have what you need to start a new adventure.” Barbara J Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job

The world is changing at a rapid pace.
Technology and globalization have revolutionized work.
Digital entrepreneurship and employment are expanding to reach all sectors. Individuals fed up with the status quo of college, staid career and retirement are reimagining what life and work can be.
People of all ages are seeking more flexibility and freedom in living a lifestyle they choose.
Purpose and passion are as important—if not more so—than simply making a profit.

Who Should Read This Book?

This is for you if you’re:

Unemployed or Underemployed: Feel like you’re working harder but never getting ahead? Are you striving to put in more time at your job but earning less? Is there not enough money from your paycheck to pay the bills much less leave the life you desire?

Disgusted or Discouraged: Are your ideas or input being shot down at your job? Are you unappreciated? Are you just another cubicle worker to your company? Do advancement opportunities pass you by or are nonexistent?

A Stay-At-Home Parent or Retiree: You have responsibilities. Yet, you also still want to live your purpose and follow your passion. You have skills and talents that you can share if only you had the opportunity. If it brings in extra income—even better! You’re just not sure where to start.

You already have a business but you’re much more engaged than you’d like to be. Your market is declining or you’re ready to start something new. The life of a digital nomad may be the perfect match. But where do you even begin to figure out the next steps?

High School or College Student: You’ve done all the studying but the idea of picking one career path isn’t for you. In fact, you’re not sure what you want to do with your life! You do know that you want to do something fulfilling that maybe doesn’t fit into society’s current structure of college and career.

This book makes a great birthday or graduation gift to help guide those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

•Why creating a work quilt can provide more freedom and protection
•How an entrepreneurial mindset can help you achieve your dreams
•How to recognize your unique talents and do the work you’re meant to do
•How to create multiple streams of income by building on one idea
•Ways to uncover the possibilities to pursue your passion and purpose

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Vikki Walton has put together a clear concise study guide to help you pulling together work that feels right for you.Using the P words, (purpose, passion, perseverance are a few), she helps you stay focused with your thoughts and take actions that will move you forward. Her chapter on mistakes and how not to make the same ones as her was my favorite. I’ve made many of the same mistakes and I’m sure all my clients have as well. A great starter book and a good review for those already in the marketing world or online industry. Michelle Vandepas, Visibility and Marketing Consultant



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