Woodrow Wilson: World Statesman

Written by Kendrick A Clements

Woodrow Wilson’s visionary temperament and quick-paced leadership made him a uniquely articulate champion of the most essential American values.

His policies, perhaps more so than any other president in the twentieth century, have shaped the world today.

In this comprehensive biography, Kendrick Clements examines the brilliant successes as well as the failures of Wilson’s public career as professor, president of Princeton University, governor of New Jersey, and president.

Tempering the impression of Wilson as a stiff moralist, Clements reveals fascinating details of his periodic bouts of depression. But the recurrent themes of this balanced and engrossing portrait are Wilson’s deep idealism and his drive for leadership.

“Deserves to be widely read…Clements displays a keen eye for anecdote and for telling quotations. He shows excellent judgment in evaluating varying interpretations of events and is not afraid to offer opinions of his own…The book is clearly written and well-paced.” — John A Garraty, Journal of American History

“An engaging and useful book…a balanced treatment of Wilson’s strengths and weaknesses, his triumphs and failures.” — Presidential Studies Quarterly

Kendrick A. Clements is professor of history at the University of South Carolina. In addition to numerous articles on diplomatic and environmental history in the American Historical Review, Diplomatic History, the Pacific Historical Review, and other journals, he has written ‘William Jennings Bryan, Missionary Isolationist’ and edited ‘James F. Byrnes and the Origins of the Cold War’.

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