Wizard Redeemed (Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles Book 7)

Written by Rodney Hartman

Wizard Scouts are a mixture of technology and magic-like abilities. They have long been the defenders of the Intergalactic Empire, but they are fast becoming a dying breed. Now it seems only Wizard Scout Richard Shepard and his friends stand ready to defend the Empire and their allies in the magic dimension against certain destruction.

For a hundred thousand years the elves’ Tree of Light has protected the forces of good from an evil so dark it threatens to destroy every living creature in three galaxies. That time of protection may be coming to an end. The forces of darkness have in their possession a key that can open a gate to the demonic plane that will unleash armies of nightmare creatures on unsuspecting civilizations.

Longtime enemies must put away their grudges to find common ground as a wizard scout and an elf high priestess rally the forces of good to fight those of the dark. Can humans and elves work together to find a way to prevent the gate from opening? Can combining technology and magic win the day? Or will eternal darkness finally triumph over the light?

Haunted by his past, the beleaguered Richard must overcome his own hatreds before he can hope to rally his hard-won allies to victory. The way is fraught with peril, but if he succeeds, even a wizard scout may find redemption at the end of the day.



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