Windrush: Cry Havelock (Jack Windrush Book 4)

Written by Malcolm Archibald

Captain Jack Windrush and the the infamous 113th Foot are assigned in India just before the Indian Mutiny breaks out.

Returning from a five-day march with his company, Jack finds that the sepoys have rebelled and massacred their officers, and most of the other company of the 113th. Gathering together a number of survivors, including two Eurasian women, Jane and Mary, Jack and his company fight their way out of the cantonment and escape.

After Jack learns that the British are besieged by a large rebel army, he takes his men to Allahabad to relieve Cawnpore, and meet with General Havelock. He proves to be a capable commander, but lacks manpower.

As the war rages around them, Jack faces new challenges both in his military and personal life.



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