William Wrigley, Jr.: The Great American Legend

Written by Daniel Alef

Biographical profile of William Wrigley, Jr., the master salesman who established the Wrigley chewing gum empire. Wrigley’s story, as told by award-winning author and syndicated columnist Daniel Alef, is the quintessential Horatio Alger-like tale of rising from the depth of poverty to achieve unrivaled success and fortune through hard work, perseverance, dedication and an innate understanding of human nature–the earmarks of a great salesman. Although Mars, Inc., the confectionery giant, recently acquired the Wrigley company, the Wrigley brands of chewing gum remain omnipresent in stores throughout the globe. But Wrigley also loved baseball; he owned the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, and the minor league Los Angeles Angels. Although he made his fortune while living in Chicago, Wrigley moved to California where he purchased Santa Catalina Island. His home in Pasadena, California, now serves as the headquarters for the Tournament of Roses. Wrigley’s story is a wonderful tale of the American dream come true. [1,437-word Titans of Fortune article]



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