Wang Yang: a memoir

Written by Ryan Andrew Peters

“Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting books I’ve read in years!”

In an ancient city, lives the new China – and this book gives you a taste of China.

Accompany Ryan, as he becomes familiar with the intricate Chinese culture and traditions. He makes his new home in Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in the new China. In days gone by, Xi’an marked the starting point of the Silk Road and is home to the majestic Terracotta Warriors.

It’s in a quaint Xian restaurant, where he has his first meal in the country, but the amount of things that happen in between are almost ludicrous. Not only does this give him a taste of China, but it opens up a new world.

“Definitely recommended to anyone who has worked, is working, or wants to work teaching English in a foreign country”

Wang Yang, a memoir follows the gripping story of Ryan, a young man of Indian and African origin who grew up in Apartheid South Africa. He moves to China to escape his alcohol and drug fused days in London, and gets way more than he bargained for!

In this story, you meet plenty of foreign teachers, Chinese staff as well as several of the students at his school. Becoming an English teacher takes a lot of practice in the beginning, but he ends up having a blast in the classroom.

“It’s raw and honest. Hilarious and heartbreaking.”

The Chinese food culture becomes a challenge. Even the China Wok has nothing on this place. The typical Xian restaurant experience is always accompanied with a lot of the local beer. He also passes many nights in the underground gay bars in China. Soon, he finds himself spiralling out of control again as he slips into a destructive lifestyle.

More traumatic events unravel around him everyday, such as the Sichuan earthquake that kills over 70,000 people, leaving him to wonder what the meaning of life really is.

“A portrayal of physical, emotional and spiritual conflict; desire and talent.”

Follow Ryan Andrew Peters as he barrels through a life of pain, adventure, love and whimsical hope. It’s a travel memoir that gives you a taste of China that readers cling to until the very last page!



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