Wallis: A Novel

Written by Anne Edwards

What was it about Wallis Simpson that made Edward VIII give up his throne?

The twice-married Southern Belle was neither rich nor beautiful.

Yet somehow, she managed to capture the heart of a British king.

Was Wallis just a proud and wildly ambitious manipulator, willing to use the men she loved as stepping stones to riches and success?

Or was she a courageous and sympathetic survivor, bravely struggling for self-esteem and the world’s respect?

More than anything Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, was an unforgettable heroine.

Marriage at eighteen, as a vivacious Southern belle, taught her what it is to be an abused wife; her second marriage, to the oh-so-English Ernest Simpson, saved her from her extraordinary past and led her to an even more extraordinary future.

But the Baltimore Belle has a battle ahead of her.

Not only does Wallis have to contend with the icy reception of some of the prince’s inner circle and the increasing press frenzy, but she has to win the trust of the British people in a society where divorce is frowned upon.

And when George V dies and the prince becomes King, the love that the young monarch feels for Wallis creates a constitutional crisis, urging him to make a decision which will change the course of British history.

Far more than a portrait, more telling than a biography, ‘Wallis: The Novel’ brings Wallis Warfield Spencer Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, vividly to life.

A gripping work of historical fiction of an enigmatic and mysterious American woman breaking into the British limelight.

Praise for Anne Edwards:

‘Perceptive and well researched, Wallis is a compelling and fascinating read about the controversial woman who rocked the throne of England.’ — Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Wallis is Anne Edwards’s seventh novel, her first in over fifteen years during which time she has been acclaimed all over the world for her biographies, including ‘Matriarch: Queen Mary’, ‘House of Windsor’ and ‘Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret’.

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