Video Game Takeover: A funny book series for children ages 9-12

Written by D. T. Vaughn
Category: · Children’s Books

Age Level: 8-12 | Grade Level: 3rd and up

I’m Caleb Roberts and a video game is taking over my town! Sounds cool? Well, it’s not! There’s an ugly, laser-shooting troll after me and a mall crawling with annoying cyborg teenagers! How did this happen? Well, that’s the mystery I’m trying to solve with my best friend, Farting Freddy (yep, that’s what I call him). We’re the underdogs of our middle school, but as danger takes over our town, we might just end up as heroes.

Video Game Takeover is a hilarious action-packed page turner for kids ages 8 and older (3rd grade and up)



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