Vicki’s Work of Heart

Written by Rosie Dean
Category: · Arts & Photography

Contemporary Romantic Comedy
What if you found yourself stranded at the altar, knee-deep in your absent fiancé’s gambling debts?
Shall I tell you what I did, that’s Vicki Marchant, humble art teacher and jilted bride?
I carried on with the reception because I like a good party. Then I seized my freedom and left teaching to paint – in France – it was my time.
There was nobody to get in the way of my ambition. Definitely, no men…
Problem #1: my free accommodation, in return for cooking his meals, was with dishy vet – Christophe Dubois. I would be strong. I would focus!
Problem #2: I met art critic, Daniel Keane – knowledgeable, well-connected and so supportive. Brilliant! My art would improve in leaps and bounds.
I learned two things: some men are hard to resist and my judgement of them was still on the dodgy side.



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