Until Now Part 2: A Best Friend’s Brother Romance

Written by Angel Ryan
Category: · Romance

Josh woke up this morning determined to make Olivia understand just how much she means to him. After finally understanding why she was so hurt by him, he doesn’t want to waste another minute without her.

When Olivia left this morning she never thought her day would turn out the way it did. With her soon to be ex-husband threatening her in order to win her back along with all the drama of last few days, she just wants to be left alone to figure things out.

Josh is ready to fight for her and her daughter and Olivia will doing whatever she has to in order to keep Josh and Sadie safe. Even if that means walking away from the one man she has always loved.

Secrets are revealed and their limits are tested. Will their love for each other be strong enough to get them through this nightmare?

This story is intended for mature readers 18 years of age and older due to graphic language and sexual content. This is the conclusion of this two part series and ends with a HEA.



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