Unicorn Hunters (Island of Fog Legacies #1)

Written by Keith Robinson
Category: · Children’s Books

It’s been twenty years since Hal Franklin and his friends arrived in New Earth as full-blooded shapeshifters. It was inevitable that Hal and Abigail would end up together, and sure enough, now they have a child of their own – young Travis, now twelve himself and wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps as a shapeshifter dragon.

Of course, even though the Shapeshifter Program is available to any approved young person, Lady Simone can’t allow just anyone to be fearsome beasts like dragons! No, not even the son of Hal and Abigail. So Travis chooses a wyvern, which is technically a dragon but small enough for Lady Simone to bend the rules for – especially as the old soothsayer on the hill predicts a spot of unavoidable trouble ahead.

Does it involve the recent spate of hunters coming through into New Earth and terrorizing the wildlife? Travis is about to find out when he transforms for the first time and jumps into action to save a unicorn…

This is the first in a series set in the ISLAND OF FOG universe but with a new generation of characters. Each book is a self-contained story following the adventures of Travis and his friends.



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