Unchained (Shifter Night Book 3)

Written by Charlene Hartnady
Category: · Romance

Third and final installment.
Shifter novel set in the same world as, the bestselling, Chosen and Bride Hunt series

Long ago Gage failed at love. He recently failed the human female he’d been assigned to protect. Now, the Alphas have clearly lost their ever-loving minds because they’ve given him the same duty a second time. Well, he isn’t going to take the mission. He’ll take the human home, as instructed, and then she’ll become someone else’s problem. Not his! No way! That is, until he catches sight of her, until he catches a snoutful of her tantalizing scent. Then he’s done for. It’s game over.

Unfortunately, there are forces at work that intend to keep them apart. An unknown enemy. A foe that is not only stronger but quicker as well, so much more deadly. An enemy that means them harm. It wants the human. Gage will have to risk everything to protect her. He may even have to put his own life on the line.

No cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language



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