Too Long the Winter: A Western Frontier Adventure

Written by Robert Peecher

In the mountains of Colorado Territory in 1872, the winters are too long.

When Old Bear Le Vrette goes to town for supplies, he sees his dead wife in the face of Lilly Grace Hanson. He forces the young girl to go with him into the mountains.

Now a desperate father and a U.S. Marshal must turn to the one man who knows the mountains as well as Bear Le Vrette.

But can they trust Le Vrette’s friend to track the trapper through the rugged country?

Luther Corbett left the world behind.

A veteran of the war, he sought peace in the mountains. He wanted to escape the troubles of men, but men have sought him out in his mountain hideaway to bring their troubles to his door. Worse, he believes they intend to kill his old friend.

The posse of three will have to overcome the threats of nature, wildlife, and the plans of the old mountain trapper, but if they are going to save young Lilly Grace Hanson, they will also have to overcome each other.

If you enjoy Western frontier adventures set in the Old West, then you will love Too Long the Winter.

Get it now and join the posse as they track Bear and Lilly Grace through the Colorado wilderness.



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