Tomorrow’s Spacemage (The Spacemage Chronicle Book 3)

Written by Timothy Ellis
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

“So this is what my life’s going to be from now on? Continually stepping into the middle of the eternally stupid, every time they do stupid?”

Thorn is back. He’s lost 1 civilization, and is still trying to fix 2 others.

But fixing when you don’t know how it broke, is never as simple as you thought it was.

The future is threatened by his own past, and to fix everything, he thinks he has to undo what he’s already done.

But what if what you did cannot be undone, and the future has more riding on it than anyone knows?

Yesterday’s Spacemage was the cause. Today’s Spacemage was the effect.

But can Tomorrow’s Spacemage save everyone?

The Spacemage Chronicle
1. Yesterday’s Spacemage
2. Today’s Spacemage
3. Tomorrow’s Spacemage

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