To Love, Honor, and Obey… (Fated for Love Book 4)

Written by Ella J. Quince
Category: · Romance

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A dying fathers last wish…

Chance returns home to his dying father. As the only son and heir, his family’s legacy rests in his hands. His father surprises him with one last dying wish—a wish for him to marry Miss Obedience Wickenham. Chance loves his father, but only agrees to consider it.

One kiss should reveal if he could ever feel anything more than annoyance for the girl who dogged his every step when they were children. That one kiss is his undoing, and he quickly realizes that he must have her forever and must convince her to marry him.

Obedience has always been infatuated with Chance. However, could she marry him as the duke’s last wish? She wants more than a marriage of convenience, but even if Chance can convince her with kisses of the passion between them, there is far more that stands in their way.

Her mother and sister have their own plan for the soon to be Duke of Maltravers. Obedience is torn between loyalty to her family and the love she has for the old duke and his son, whom she has only dared to love in her dreams.

Fated for Love Series:
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To love, Honor, and Obey
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Ella J. Quince has been in love with romance since she was a little girl. She spent her high school years and the years of her husband’s deployments escaping into the novels of her favorite bestselling authors; Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, Lisa Kleypas, and Julie Anne Long. She strives to reach their level of success and stand beside them in achievement.



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