To Kill for a Ghost (The Stolen Years Book 1)

Written by Ryn Shell

A gold thief, Miss Jane Mutta, an explorer, Douglas Fife, and the SS Admella disaster all wait to be discovered in this story of the Australian colony during Queen Victoria’s reign and post WW2
Ryn Shell transports readers to the beautiful but harsh Australian inland with this vividly drawn and compelling tale of settlers and first peoples..
It is 1945, as the second part of the story opens, and the inland community of Fife Springs is recovering from World War ll. Jane and Douglas’s great grandson Harry is becoming aware of a horrific tragedy that occurred in the past. Will he become involved in these crimes through his peculiar connection with a ghost. Is Charlotte an innocent child’s imaginary friend, or is she dangerous?
A unique, moving, and wondrously different first novel in The Stolen Years Series. This may be read as a stand-alone story.
Back of book Glossary of Australian Words
With the word grazier = rancher, you will know that this book contains Australian words, e.g. station = ranch.



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