Tides of War (Rebellion Book 3)

Written by M.R. Forbes
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After being saved from annihilation by the Old Gator’s daring plan, Gabriel and the crew of the Magellan find themselves in the most unlikely of places: a captured enemy starship. While learning to control the alien vessel introduces a new set of challenges, the secrets they discover within may prove to be the edge they so desperately need.  

With the rebellion on Earth rushing headlong toward a final, last-ditch battle and the remainder of the alien armada standing between them and home, it will take all of their strength, courage, and ingenuity to destroy the enemy once and for all.

Before the enemy destroys them.

Tides of War is the third and final book in the science-fiction Rebellion trilogy.

Series order:
1. Man of War
2. Weapons of War
3. Tides of War



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