The Witching Flavor (A Cozy Mystery Book): Sweetland Witch

Written by Zoe Arden
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Wanted: Missing Witches… Alive or Dead. Preferably alive. 


Page Count: around 330 pages

The witches of Sweetland Cove are going missing at an alarming rate!And Ava Fortune has her hands full trying to find the kidnapper.

It began with the Snow Queen dance.
But … when Lucy Lockwood disappeared right in front of everyone’s eyes, rumors began to circulate fast.

This time, it’s not Ava on the receiving end of the Sweetland Cove gossip mill.
Not ‘Ava The Witch Trouble’. Not this time.
She’s safe and so is the Mystic Cupcake.

When a second witch goes missing and another person is dead,
Ava’s friend gets accused of the crime.
Well, a vampire friend, to be exact. 

She needs to set things straight.
“Vampires are people too, after all.”

Hexes and curses can’t make people vanish out of nowhere. 

Something else must be going on…
Ava has the feeling she knows what it is, but how can she make the people of Sweetland listen to her?
Can Ava stop the kidnappings before they turn to another murder… or is it already too late?

Page Count: around 330 pages



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