The Time of Evil

Written by Tonya Fernandez

Smooth, wacky, and feeling anxious with gobs of human-on-zombie-savagery, EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES is a Grecian thought on SHAUN OF THE DEAD crossed with 28 DAYS LATER. Centuries prior in antiquated Greece, savage zombies start wreaking devastation on people, and just a secretive shrouded legend (Billy Zane) and his supernatural weapons can spare them. Streak forward to the present day when Athens is by and by tormented by the undead, and a ragtag band of human survivors is on the run. Among them are a cab driver who is by all accounts interminable, a couple of hot-blooded warriors with some genuine science, and a specialist who can’t remain to get his shoes messy while stepping zombie heads. In the interim, the slippery legend is back – yet zombies are just a large portion of the issue. With not as much as a day prior to Greece is shelled to contain the zombie infection, it’s a race against time for the rest of the people. A profoundly true to life bloodbath that is similarly as cunning as it is shocking, EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES has everything: lighting-quick activity, reasonably frightening zombies, and a solid dosage of fun.



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