The Sword Swallower and a Chico Kid

Written by Gary Robinson

“Gary Robinson delivers a powerful message!”

Duke Reynolds ran away from a volatile and broken home to join the traveling circus. He spends his life entertaining people on every city street corner, circus tent, and coliseum until one day something does not go as planned. Duke, facing his own immortality, decides to leave the bright lights.

Gary Robinson, the Chico Kid, is a lost and troubled soul devoid of any purpose. As each act of desperation to survive is met with failure, his life spirals out of control, until one day he meets an old tattooed man entertaining a crowd by hammering a six-inch nail into his skull.

Duke hears about Gary’s transgressions. He wants to save Gary from the same self-destruction he experienced, but Duke is terminally ill and Gary’s acts of desperation will soon destroy him.



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