The Sunday Spy

Written by William Hood
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Now the Cold War is over, Alan Trosper, though no longer with the Company, is persuaded to act as the contact for a potential Russian defector…

Now freelancing for himself, defector Sinon has offered to sell evidence of the activities of a crucially-placed spy: information
which promises to aid significantly in the unveiling of a Russian mole…

But ex-spy Alan must first verify Sinon’s information.

Trosper’s investigation has him confronting the compromised officials pointed at by Sinon, and, in an effort to reel in the defector, journeying to Prague, where he runs up against an unpredictable chief inspector…

The Sunday Spy provides an intriguing puzzle, as Russian and American spies navigate a greatly changed world.

Praise for William Hood

‘If you ever wondered what intelligence officers do, read William Hood and find out’ – Tom Clancy

‘A skillful spy novel’ – The Wall Street Journal

‘A gripping espionage thriller’ – Thomas Waugh

William Hood (1920-2013), was a retired senior officer in the Central Intelligence Agency and a writer. During World War II, having just transferred from the Army into military intelligence, he volunteered for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the C.I.A. After the war, he remained in Europe. His hobbies included photography, marksmanship, sailing, jazz, and collecting first editions.



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